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Welcome To Kingdom Inventors & Innovators Network, A Place to Make Divine Connections. Learn How to Steward Ideas & Innovations. You can Meet Industry Leaders and gain Access to Resources that inventors need to Save Time & Money.  This is a place to Network with Other Inventors & Innovators. Iron sharpens Iron.a new business, new idea, new concinate in their perspective fields by the power and anointing of God. T

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Kim Laney 

Radio Interviews: First Steps to Inventing


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Invention Boot camp

Experts, resources and information that you need to get your invention out of your head and on to the store shelves.

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AreyouinventorAre You An Inventor?
What does it take to be one?

Ordinary people are coming up with great ideas every day.  Inventions are simply solutions to problems. If you ever had a problem that you solved, you have the potential to be an inventor.
I will bet that many of you solve problems in your lives every day. If you can solve a problem for yourself, that's great!  However, if you solve that problem for others, they will pay you and that's even better. You can make the world a better place by developing an idea that will make someone else's life better and get paid for doing so.
Have you heard of Sara Blakeley?  She had a problem:  she didn't like how her backside looked in pants.  She started looking for a solution and started by cutting the legs out of her pantyhose and just wearing the control top part of the pantyhose.  Sara not only solved the problem, but she went further and developed the idea.
It took some perseverance, because it wasn't easy to convince people that wearing the top part of pantyhose was a good idea. But she believed in her idea and got a patent for it. Sara spent her extra time and her $5,000 in savings to developing the idea out of her apartment.  She got her product produced and begin to make cold calls to small boutiques until one day she got the call:  Oprah loved her new product.  "Spanx" was born!  Her new little company is now making millions of women happy, and Sara's company is generating over $250 million dollars in sales a year.
Every good idea starts with a problem. What problem is in your life, waiting for you to solve it?  You may find that your problem is a blessing in disguise. Is there an idea in your life that is begging to be solved? Can you persevere beyond the dream killers and doubts that keep most people from fulfilling their dreams? Are you ready to become an inventor?

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